D-8 Eyes a Joint Investment Mechanism
D8 Discusses Joint Investment Fund in Tehran

The first technical meeting with the aim of exchanging views of the idea to set up a joint investment mechanism among the D-8 member countries was recently launched in Tehran on 21 January 2013. The two-days meeting, which emerged to seek way to resolve the investment level which is far low below the potentials for the member countries, reaffirmed the common desire of the D-8 members to take constructive measures to encourage, facilitate and promote foreign direct investment (FDI) in the priority areas. 

In his opening remark, D-8 Secretary General Ali Mohammad Mousavi underlined that the D-8 members have high potentials in economic fields and resources, and further added that "A joint investment fund will yield abundant fruits for the members and will positively effect the development of infrastructures."

Iran's Deputy Finance Minister, Behrouz Alishiri, who also attended the meeting, said Iran is strongly supporting this proposal, and in fact has submitted it back in 2010, and the member states emphasized establishment of the fund in other meetings. "The fund will help enhance developments among D8 member states," he noted.

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