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The Working Group on Civil Aviation (D-8 WGCA) of D-8 has been established in 2008, that preceded by two meetings of D-8 Director Generals of Civil Aviation in the 1st Meeting in Antalya, Turkey, June, 2007 and the 2nd Meeting in Isfahan, Iran, September, 2007. The purpose to establish the cooperation within D-8 in civil aviation is to enable the member countries to cooperate and coordinate themselves on all matters related to civil aviation and its industry, including the private sector.

The main objective of the D-8 WGCA is to invites delegates, both represented the interest of government and private sector, into a thought provoking discussions on the most contemporary issues, latest developments and trends and the most up-to-date thinking in the fast growing of the areas of civil aviation, such as: safety, security, air transportation, training, maintenance, airport infrastructure, leasing, investment, low-cost carrier, and etc. into a concrete D-8 cooperation program in civil aviation. 

It has also objectives to identify potencies, opportunities, challenges, and threats of D-8 in civil aviation cooperation, as well as to attempt to facilitate the meeting among the stakeholders, such as government/regulators, companies, investors, and financial institutions/banks. The D-8 WGCA focuses on issues and exchange information related to the potential growth and cooperation of the civil aviation industry and business, that allow delegates have ideas how a cooperation program, with a timeframe, could be well prepared and implemented.
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The 1st D-8 WGCA and Director Generals’ Meeting was held in late June 2007 (Antalya, Turkey), where the importance of cooperation in the field of Civil Aviation and its manifold benefits were underlined. 

The 2nd Director Generals of Civil Aviation Meeting was held in (8- 10 September 2007, Isfahan, Iran) agreed, inter alia, on the need for private sector engagement and emphasized the critical importance of flight safety and security to D-8 countries. It also underlined the importance of D-8 cooperation, on a permanent and sustainable manner, specifically in the areas of maintenance, training, terminal and airport operations, and ground handling. 

The 3rd D-8 WGCA and Director Generals’ Meeting was held in  (17-18 June 2008, Bali, Indonesia) undertook to address and discuss the potentials and challenges of cooperation between and among the D-8 countries, also at the level of private sectors. Three areas of cooperation; air navigation systems; aircraft maintenance; and airport infrastructure, received particular attention at the meeting.  During the meeting Indonesia informed the participants about the development of a Strategic Plan on Civil Aviation called “Roadmap to Safety”, covering the three main elements of safety, security, and services. 

The 4th D-8 Working Group on Civil Aviation and Director Generals Meeting(26-27 November 2010, Antalya, Turkey) focused on the importance of the role of private sectors. The meeting was informed that as an initial step the private sectors of Indonesia and Turkey had met and agreed to initiate cooperation in the areas of airport infrastructure and operations.  

The 5th D-8 Working Group on Civil Aviation and Director Generals Meeting(8-9 June 2011, Jakarta, Indonesia), with the participation of the private sector participation of some member countries, discussed the wide range of potentials areas for cooperation. The meeting also discussed the draft Terms of Reference (ToR) of the Task Force on Training and Commercial Issues; Task Force on Capacity Building; Task Force on Safety and Security; and Task Force on Air Navigation and Air Traffic Management.

The 6th D-8 Working Group on Civil Aviation And Directors General Meeting( 18th – 19th October 2012, Abuja-Nigeria) Civil aviation investment opportunities, partnerships and co-operation within D-8 countries (public & private sector)

The 7th D-8 Working Group on Civil Aviation And Director Generals Meeting (3-4 June 2013, Dhaka - Bangladesh) Overview on the Current Development and Way Forward of Civil Aviation Cooperation within D-8 Countries and Progress Reports from the Task Forces of Working Group Civil Aviation

In addition to the above meetings, the following meetings have also taken place.

The D-8 DGCA Working Group Task Force (6 March 2009, Istanbul, Turkey) discussed the draft Terms of Reference (ToR) prepared by Indonesia. Moreover, as requested by DGCA Turkey, the scope of the Task Force was expanded to include “Airport Infrastructure.” The idea of the establishment of a joint training center among the member countries was also raised and discussed at the meeting.  

The D-8 Airport Management Operation and Industrial Cooperation Workshop ( 
4-6 April 2012, Istanbul, Turkey), which provided the opportunity for private sector meeting, deliberated on various issues, aspects and opportunities for cooperation between D-8 countries in the aviation sector. Participants also exchanged information regarding the development of airport management and operation.

Moreover, the draft of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the establishment of D-8 Member States Working Group for Co-operation in Civil Aviation, which had been prepared at the first meeting of the DGCA in June 2007, was adopted at a meeting in September the same year in Iran. By mid of 2011, all member countries have signed the MoU.

  • The D-8 Airport Management and Operation Workshop, 4-6 April 2012, Istanbul -Turkey

  • The D-8 Working Group for Cooperation in Civil Aviation convened in Istanbul during the 4-6 April 2012 to develop cooperation on airports and aviation industries.

  • Turkeys Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) organized a workshop on D-8 Airports Management and Operation in cooperation with TAV Airports and another workshop on D-8 Aviation and Industrial Cooperation in cooperation with Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TAI).

    D-8 Aviation Experts participated in Flight Procedure Design Workshop in Iran 3-7 November 2013, Tehran-Iran

    The workshop was aimed to give the participants a better opportunity to provide improved services regarding flight procedure designing. Such workshops will definitely pave the way for the enhancement of instructions and development of aerospace industry’s know-how among the D-8 Countries. 


Air Commodore Mahmud Hussain, ndc, psc
Chairman of Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh
Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh
Headquarters Kurmitola  Dhaka-1229 
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Capt. Sameh El Hefny
President of Egypt Civil Aviation Authority
Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority
Ministry of Civil Aviation Cairo Airport Road 
11776 Cairo Egypt
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Mob:        +20 12 212 1616


Mr. Herry Bhakti Singayuda Gumay 
Director General of civil aviation
Jln Medan Medeka Barat No. 8
Karsa Building, 5th Floor
Jakarta 10110 Indonesia
Phone   :  +62 21 350 5137,  +62 21 350 5133
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Capt. Reza Nakhjavani
Vice Minister of Roads and Transportation and President of C.A.O
Mehrabad International Airport 
CAO Central Bldg
P.O. Box 13445-1798, Tehran Islamic Republic of Iran
Phone +98 21 66025230, +98 21 66025238
Fax +98 21 44659348, +98 21 66025405


Mr. Moh. Yunus Charlie Charington
Director General of Civil Aviation
Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia (DCA)
Podium Block, Lot 4G4, Precinct 4 
Federal Government Administrative Centre 
62570 Putrajaya Malaysia
Phone +603 8871 4218 
Fax +603 8889 5691 


Dr. Harold Olusegun Demuren
Director General and Chief Executive Officer
Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority 
Aviation House 
Murtala Mohammed Airport 
P.M.B 21029, 21038 
Ikeja – Lagos 
Tel: +234-1-472 1521, 279 0421 
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Air Vice Marshal: Riaz-ul-Haq
Deputy DG CAA 
Headquarters Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority 
Terminal - I  Jinnah International Airport 
Karachi 75200  Pakistan
Phone      +92 21 9924 2014 
               +92 21 4532 838, 4536456
Fax         +92 21 99242015


Bilal Eksi
Director General  
Bosna Hersek Cad. No:5 06510,  
Tel:      +90 312 203 6006
Mob:   +90 507 2541000
Fax:    +90 312 215 58 15

-1st  D-8 WGCA and Director Generals’ Meeting ( 27-29 June 2007, Antalya-Turkey )- Held

-2nd D-8 WGCA and Director Generals’ Meeting (8- 10 September 2007, Isfahan-Iran )-Held

-3rd  D-8 WGCA and Director Generals’ Meeting ( 17-18 June 2008 Bali, Indonesia)-Held

-4th D-8 Working Group on Civil Aviation and Director Generals Meeting (26-27 November 2010, Antalya – Turkey) -Held

-5th D-8 Working Group on Civil Aviation and Director Generals Meeting (8-9 June 2011, Jakarta – Indonesia) - Held

-D-8 Airport Management, Operation and Industrial Cooperation Workshop (4-5 April 2012, Istanbul – Turkey) - Held

-6th D-8 Working Group on Civil Aviation and Directors General Meeting (18-19 October 2012, Abuja – Nigeria) - Held

-7th Working Group on Civil Aviation (3-4 June 2013, Dhaka-Bangladesh) – Held

- Workshop on Flight Procedure Design (PANS-POS) (3-7 November 2013,Tehran-Iran)- Held

-8th D-8 Working Group on Civil Aviation (WGCA) and Director Generals Meeting (June 2014,Dhaka- Banglades) -Held

-Malaysia will be the upcoming D-8 DGCA Chairman (2014-2015) and will host the 9th D-8 DGCA meeting in mid-2015.