The 4th Meeting of the Working Group on Industrial Cooperation (WGIC) of the D-8 held in Bali, Indonesia on 10-12 November 2008, agreed that Petrochemical as one of the identified areas for cooperation under the industrial Cooperation of D-8. The 5th Working Group on Industrial Cooperation (WGIC) meeting held on 28  February 2010, in Tehran adopted the  Terms of Reference of the Taks Force on Petrochemical as follows:

•To establish D-8 joint venture or joint investment petrochemical projects and providing a model of contract for feasibility studies for J-V petrochemical projects among D-8 Member States

•To establish D-8 Petrochemical Market to meet petrochemical demands produced from D-8 Member States

•To establish D-8 Petrochemical networking system and information about D-8 petrochemical industry to meet in respect of technical, knowledge/ technologies, financing, marketing, furnishing description of services,  introducing sophisticated and committed contractors, consultants and vendors to D-8 J-V petrochemical projects for advisory, contribution and supervising in engineering, erection, construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up

•To establish D-8 petrochemical partnership-through joint research, development and training, manufacturing know-how for process of petrochemical products such as: urea/ammonia, methanol, methanol to propylene(MTP), methanol to olefins (MTO), propane dehydrogenation (PDH), Di-methyl Ether (DME) and synthesis gas

•To achieve production process know-how of Alfa olefins, vinyl acetate monomer (VAM), engineering polymers and propane dehydrogenation (PDH) -participation in know-how developing of DME, MTP, PDH, GTL and synthesis gas through joint investment in establishing relevant plants in the Member States

•To provide training services to D-8 Member States in the field of petrochemical industry from those D-8 Member States that have the capacity and potentials to offer these services via training courses, software, seminars, workshops and vocational training courses

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1.        In line with the initiation of Task Forces under WGIC, the proposal to identify the TFs was raised during the Fourth Meeting of D-8 Working Group on Industrial Cooperation (WGIC) on 10-12 November 2008, Bali-Indonesia. 

After having and intensive discussion and exchange of views, the meeting agreed to strengthen future cooperation through Task Forces:

1.Automotive (Coordinator: Iran, Egypt, and Indonesia)
2.Energy, Power Sector and Conservation (Coordinator: Turkey, Nigeria)
3.Food production through Mechanization (Coordinator: Malaysia) 
4.Cooperation/Transfer of Technology (Coordinator: Turkey, Iran)
5.Petrochemicals and Fertilizer (Coordinator: Indonesia, Iran)
6.Cement (Coordinator: Iran)
7.Steel (Coordinator: Iran)
8.Textile (Coordinator: Egypt, Indonesia)
9.Standardization and Intellectual Property Rights (Coordinator: Turkey, Iran)
10.SMEs (Coordinator: Turkey, Indonesia, Iran, Nigeria)
11.Electronics and IT (Coordinator: Malaysia) 

During this meeting, the private sector of Indonesia, Turkey and Iran has signed a Minute of Meeting to facilitate cooperation through a long-term program on Automotive Industry. A joint working group will be established to develop the long-term cooperation.

2.        The Fifth Meeting of D-8 Working Group on Industrial Cooperation (WGIC) was held in Tehran, Iran, on February 28 – March 02 2010, back-to-back meeting with the First D-8 Ministerial Meeting on Industry. 

During WGIC meeting, all the delegations discussed and approved all the Terms of Reference (ToR) of 11 Task Forces as recommended on previous D-8 WGIC meeting. In addition, Plan of Action: Cooperation on Industry & Tehran Declaration on D-8 Industrial Cooperation was adopted by WGIC meeting. Meanwhile, at ministerial meeting, The Ministers adopted Tehran Declaration.

3.        As the one of coordinator Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) under 11 Task Forces of D-8 WGIC, Iran Small Industries & Industrial Parks Organization (ISIPO) hosted the First D-8 SMEs Governmental Bodies Meeting of D-8 Member Countries on 06-07 December 2010 in Tehran-Iran with the idea to examine how to implement the agreements and deepen the ties between D-8 Member Countries.  In addition, the meeting has also considered that it is also timely opportune for D-8 governmental bodies to meet and discuss common efforts in responding towards the current potential market of D-8 SMEs. 

4.        As a follow up activity of the First D-8 SMEs Governmental Bodies Meeting of D-8 Member Countries on 06-07 December 2010 in Tehran-Iran, Iranian government held the SME Cluster Development Best Practice Workshop on 8-9 February 2011 in Tehran-Iran, which intended to familiarize the related persons from Member Countries with the concept and experiences of SME Cluster Development in Iran. The workshop commenced successfully with full participation from D-8 Member Countries and ECO. 

5.        The Sixth Meeting of D-8 Working Group on Industrial Cooperation (WGIC) and Second D-8 Ministerial Meeting on Industry was held on 4-6 October 2011 in Istanbul-Turkey. Excluding Task Force on Textile and Garment, all Task Forces were discussed. Turkish delegation also proposed to add one more Task Force, namely Task Force on Machinery.

At Ministerial level meeting, the Ministers adopted Istanbul Declaration. In addition, at agenda item: exchange of views on Industry Meeting, Minister of Industry of Indonesia and Minister of Industry of Iran emphasized on the discrepancy in the level of performance of various Task Forces of the WGIC and called of an objective review and analysis, with regards to optimization of the number of TFs.

At the second Task Force Meeting on Petrochemical and Fertilizer was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 8 October 2012,The meeting agreed to make the following key recommendations:

(1) Formation of a common expert committee for D-8 member countries (hereafter called D-8 Petrochemical Expert Group). The committee will decide or propose the possible ways for the collaboration among D-8 member countries for mutual interest. Specifically the committee will coordinate, communicate, monitor, administer and supervise the implementation of any decision taken. To form the committee, all members will introduce their representatives preferably from senior management to the D-8 secretariat. 

The recommended expert committee should be formed within the next three months.

It is to be noted that Iran’s petrochemical industry expressed its willingness in forming D-8 petrochemical expert group in coordination with D-8 secretariat.
(2) Formation of a petrochemical institute in Bangladesh funded by D-8 member countries.

Outcomes of the Task Force on Petrochemical of the 4th Ministerial Meeting on Industrial Cooperation 26-27 January 2015, Tehran, Iran are as follows:

-The meeting decided to locate the Secretariat of the Petrochemical Association temporarily in Tehran, Iran.

-The privately-owned Association of Petrochemical Industry Cooperation (APIC) which is based in Tehran, Iran will be the focal point for further discussions and follow-up regarding the issues related to the Association. 

Fertilizer & Petrochemicals
Coordinator: Indonesia, Iran

Mr. Md. Ziaur Rahman Khan
Deputy Secretary
Ministry of Industries
91, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka
Phone: +88-029550473

Mr. Raouf Hasan Farg
Head of Central Department of Investment Policies and International Agreement
Ministry of Trade & Industry
Phone: +2022 794 4984
Fax: +2022 7953466

Director of Upstream Chemical Industries
Jln. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. 52-53, 16th floor Jakarta Selatan 12950
Phone: +62 21 5252225, 
+62 21 525 5509
Ext: 2728, 4073
Fax: +6221 5252225

Mr. Bahram Najar Darounkalaei
Phone: 0098-21-88059754
Fax: 0098-21-88059755

Mrs. Mastura Ahmad Mustafa
Sectoral Policy Division, Ministry of Inernational Trade and Industry 
8th Floor, Block 10, Government Offices Complex 
Jalan Duta 50622 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +603 6203 4528 
Fax: +603 6201 2341 

Mr. Rashid Bashir Mazari
Joint Secretary (Dev.)
Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources
Phone: 051-9202230
Fax: 051-9201803

Public Sector:
Orhan Cetinkaya – Engineer
Tel: +90 312 201 55 86
Fax: +90 312 201 55 64

Private Sector:
Ali Barutcuoglu (for Fertilizer)
Tel: +90 212 376 50 04

Ismail Hakki Metecan (for Petrochem)
Tel: +90 232 616 12 40 (4462)

Meetings so far held:

- Working Group on Petrochemical Meeting (13-14 May 2013, Tehran- Iran) 

-D-8 Task Force Meeting on Petrochemical (26-28 January 2015, Tehran-Iran)