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Given the depletable nature of conventional energy sources, renewable energy sources have come to receive increasing attention in recent decades. Electricity generation - mostly hydro and wind power and to some lesser degree solar power - is projected to steadily increase; the total share of electricity output rising from 18% in 2006 to 23% in 2030. By the year 2015 renewable energy is expected to overtake gas in electricity generation, second only to coal. The total global investment in renewable energy supply is predicted to amount to $ 5.5 trillion during the 2007-2030 period.
Interest in the renewable energy sources has gradually increased in the D-8, and the member countries have sought to enhance their bilateral and group cooperation in this field. The crux of the effort has been geared towards designing an effective, efficient and functioning project-oriented mechanism, inclusive of both public and private sectors. The Working Committee on Renewable Energy (WCRE) has been established to pursue and help implement the Organization’s decisions in this area. 

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The first meeting of the D-8 Working Committee on Renewable Energy (WCRE) was held in early June 2010 in Ankara, Turkey. It discussed the future activities of the Committee, and emphasized, inter alia, on the necessity of private sector participation and engagement. 

The second meeting of the Working Committee took place in mid-November 2011 in Bali, Indonesia. It decided, among others, on the following recommendations:

  • Nomination by Member Countries of national focal point for Renewable Energy to the D-8 Secretariat, and providing the Secretariat, on a regular basis, with the relevant information/update on the activities and the best practices; 

  • Compilation of the received information/data by the D-8 Secretariat and its distribution among the member Countries; 

  • Provision of Member Countries’ inquiry lists and practical suggestions and projects for cooperation to the D-8 Secretariat for further distribution, and discussion at subsequent meetings; and 

  • Establishment by the D-8 Secretariat of a mailing list group and web link to serve as a forum for D-8 Renewable Energy.


Mr. Parimal Sarker
Senior Assistant Secretary
Power Division
Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone. +88-02-951 3508
Mobile. +88-0171-202-1555



Maritje Hutapea
Director of Bionergy
Directorate General of New Energy, Renewable, and Energy Conservation
Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia
Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav. 49, Jakarta
Phone. +62.21.52901386
Fax. +62.21.25529106





Mujahid Sadiq
Director General (International Cooperation)
Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB)
#3, Street #8, F-8/3, Islamabad-44000
Ph. +92 51 9262952
Fax. +92 51 2250334


Mr. Mustafa Gözen
Expert on Energy
Department of Electricity Market
Energy Market Regulatory Authority
Muhsin Yazicioglu Cad. No: 51/C
06530 Yüzüncüyil/ANKARA
Phone: +90-312-201 41 93
Fax: +90-312-201 41 50

Ms. Halime Semerci
Acting Head of Department
General Directorate of Foreign Relations and European Union
Nasuh Akar Mah. Türk Ocagi Cd.
No: 2 06490 Bahçelievler/Ankara
Tel. +90-312 213 53 30
Fax. +90-312 212 40 64

Mr. Sebahattin Öz
Acting Head of Department
General Directorate of Renewable Energy
Eskisehir Yolu 7. Km 06520 Ankara
Tel. +90-312 295 51 10
Fax. +90-312 295 50 05

--1st D-8 Working Group Committee On Renewable Energy (June 8-9 2010, Ankara-Turkey) - Held

--2nd D-8 Working Group Committee On Renewable Energy (16-17 November 2011, Bali - Indonesia) -Held