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Agriculture provides the basis of subsistence for the population by production of food and raw materials. This sector constitute a large share of national output and employs a majority of the labor force in most developing countries. However, in recent times, Agriculture has experienced a number of severe shocks with record high oil prices, commodity price spikes, food security fears and resultant trade restrictions, not to mention the most serious global economic downturn since the 1930s. The greatest impact has been on the poor, especially in developing countries, with the world’s hungry now estimated at over 1 billion people. Fortunately, Agriculture has shown remarkable resilience with strong supply response to high prices and with continuing, albeit dampened, demands growth during the crisis.

In addressing this situation, D-8 Ministers of Agriculture Meeting on Food Security was held on 25-27 February 2009 in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia. During the fruitful meeting, all the delegations adopted Kuala Lumpur Initiative to Address Food Security in D-8 Countries to face the challenges of global food crisis. The KL initiative identified three priority projects to be implemented among D-8 countries. The three projects are:

1.The productivity and supply of quality fertilizers
2.The productivity and supply of quality animal feeds
3.The creation of seed banks to supply quality seeds

The meeting also acknowledges the importance of information gathering among D-8 countries and agreed on the establishment of a market information service system in D-8 countries be initiated on animal feed, seed banks and fertilizers. The D-8 Ministers agreed that it is important to address the issues of standards and trade issues separately as it encompass all the three subject matters. Within this line, the meeting agreed to appoint prime movers to implement the initiatives as follows: 

1.Seed bank : Turkey & Iran
2.Animal Feed : Malaysia & Indonesia
3.Fertilizers : Egypt
4.Standards & Trade Issues : Iran & Turkey
5.Marine and Fisheries : Indonesia

This meeting was followed up by the 2nd D-8 Agricultural Ministerial Meeting on Food Security, which was held on 18th May 2011 in Tehran, Iran, during which the Ministers reiterated commitments made and goals set in the framework of the 6th D-8 Summit Meetings in Kuala Lumpur, 2008, the D-8 Roadmap for Economic Cooperation in the “Second Decade of Cooperation”, “Kuala Lumpur Initiatives to Ensure Food Security”, as well as the previous ministerial meetings, and emphasized that more focus needs to be given to formulation and implementation of concrete projects and activities to translate those goals into collective action by D-8 Group.

One of D-8 achievement in Food Security cooperation is the MoUs between OIC and D8, and D-8 and ECO, to Activate Joint Economic Cooperation. The MoU seeks to encourage the development of joint programs and projects in all sectors, especially in trade, agriculture and tourism, through utilization of the human and material resources of both organizations as well as poised to exchange experiences and expertise to ensure the speedy implementation of their various economic development programs.

Another progress that D-8 have been developing in the food security cooperation is the institutional development of these working groups, which a prime mover as a coordinator, with a permanent secretariat to follow-up, evaluate and implement the program and the activities. Also, in every meeting, these working groups will also inviting the participation of private sectors. Considering the interest of Member Countries to issues related to this area, agriculture is one the most promising areas of cooperation in D-8.  

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Subsequent to the KL Initiative, in the Seed Bank sub-sector, several meetings have been held by D-8 Organization as follows:

1)1st Working Commitee Meeting on the Establishment of D-8 Seed Bank, 21-24 July 2009, Izmir, Turkey.

D-8 Ministers of Agriculture Meeting on Food Security in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 25th -27th February 2009 has agreed to establish D-8 Seed Bank. It is also agreed that the activities for the establishment of D-8 Seed Bank would be leaded by Turkey in collaboration to Iran.

In Kuala Lumpur Meeting, to have a workshop for the establishment of modalities of a downstream tri-lateral seed bank was included as strategic initiatives. 
The Kuala Lumpur Meeting agreed on the following under the Priority Area 3 with the heading “The creation of seed banks to supply high quality seeds”:
Establish modalities for downstream seed production through the establishment of National Seed Banks and a D-8 Umbrella SeedBank.   
Create collaborative research and development programs between private and public sector organizations. 
Standardize and harmonize seed certification and quality enforcement procedures among D-8 countries.

2)2nd D-8 Working Group on the Establishment of D-8 Seed Bank, 16 May 2011, Tehran – Iran.

Some key highlights of this meeting are:

Turkey and Iran will prepare the draft of Project Topics and Outline on Seed Bank cooperation and circulate it through D-8 Secretariat to Member Countries.

The proposal for establishing regional seed bank prepared by Iranian delegation has been submitted to member delegations for their consideration/evaluation and they will express their viewpoints on it utmost at end of September 2011.

Turkey agreed to host the next meeting.

The delegates agreed to inform D-8 Secretariat about their country contact points.

3) 5th Agriculture Ministerial Meeting on Food Security held on 01-03 December 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey

6th Working Group on Seed Bank discussed and agreed on the followings:

-To establish D-8 Seed Bank: a seed bank project has already been prepared and proposed to D-8 Secretariat with an aim of providing funds.

-Further studies and workshops on seed and plant material registration and certification program needed including funds for the projects.

4th Working Group Meeting on  D-8 Seed Bank which was held on 3 October 2012 in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara-Indonesia Member Countries agreed to the following events to be implemented before the next ministerial meeting. The detail will be discussed in the next working group meeting.

A.Exchange of Expert:

(1)Workshop on harmonization for the D-8 seed certification system

(2)Workshop on harmonization of the D-8 variety registration

(3)Workshop on ISTA rules, sanitary and phytosanitary

B.Genetic material and seed exchange:

(1)Harmonization of the evaluation method for breeding

(2)Construct Standard Rules for D-8 material transfer agreement (D-8 MTA).

(3)According to the result of constructation, germplasm exchange for research and  would be according to D-8 MTA

(4)Seed exchange of released varieties for adaptation trial according to consultation among D-8 member countries.

C.Establishment of the D-8 Seed Council

Mr. Anwar Faruque
Additional Secretary & Director General (Seed Wing)
Ministry of Agriculture
Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka
Phone: +88-02 954 0120

Dr. Hanaiya El Itriby
Head of National Gene Bank
Phone: +202 35693248,
               +202 35693241
Fax:   +202 35693240

Dr. Hasil Sembiring
Head of Research Center of Horticulture 
Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development
Tel/fax : (+62-251) 8312755
Mr. Jarkasyi
Head of Department for Cooperation
Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development
Tel/fax : (+62-251) 8312755, mobile.+628161374092
Email : 

Dr. Hassan Maddah Arefi
Head of Seed & Plant Certification and Registration Institute – SPCRI
Tel: +98 26 32741111
Fax: +98 26 32741112

Mr. Azizollah Shabani
Director, Department for Animal Nutrition, Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture
Phone:  +98-21-64583912
Fax:      +98-21-88947153

Dr. Mohammed Selamat bin Madom
Head, Seed Unit
Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI), 
PO BOX 12301, General Post Office, 
50774 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel. +603-8943 7464
Fax. +603-8943 7378

Dr. Mohd. Norowi bin Hamid
Strategic Resources Research Center
Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI), 
PO BOX 12301, General Post Office, 
50774 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel. +603-8943 7388
Fax. +603-8943 7527

Rev. Anthony Olatokun 
Director (NASC)
Tel: 234-8054890860

Waiting for information

Ali Osman Sarı
Deputy Director General
Tel. +90 312 315 7629
Fax. +90 312 343 2119

Isa Özkan
Head of Department
Tel. +90 312 315 5286
Fax. +90 312 315 26 98

-2nd Working Group Meeting on D-8 Seed Bank (16 May 2011, Tehran-Iran)-Held

-3rd Working Group Meeting on D-8 Seed Bank (3-4 July 2012, Izmir – Turkey)-Held

- 4th Working Group Meeting on  D-8 Seed Bank(3 October 2012, Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara-Indonesia)-Held

-6th D-8 Working Group on Seed Bank ( 1 December 2014 in İstanbul, Turkey)- Held