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Agriculture provides the basis of subsistence for the population by production of food and raw materials. This sector constitute a large share of national output and employs a majority of the labor force in most developing countries. However, in recent times, Agriculture has experienced a number of severe shocks with record high oil prices, commodity price spikes, food security fears and resultant trade restrictions, not to mention the most serious global economic downturn since the 1930s. The greatest impact has been on the poor, especially in developing countries, with the world’s hungry now estimated at over 1 billion people. Fortunately, Agriculture has shown remarkable resilience with strong supply response to high prices and with continuing, albeit dampened, demands growth during the crisis.

In addressing this situation, D-8 Ministers of Agriculture Meeting on Food Security was held on 25-27 February 2009 in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia. During the fruitful meeting, all the delegations adopted Kuala Lumpur Initiative to Address Food Security in D-8 Countries to face the challenges of global food crisis. The KL initiative identified three priority projects to be implemented among D-8 countries. The three projects are:

1.The productivity and supply of quality fertilizers
2.The productivity and supply of quality animal feeds
3.The creation of seed banks to supply quality seeds

The meeting also acknowledges the importance of information gathering among D-8 countries and agreed on the establishment of a market information service system in D-8 countries be initiated on animal feed, seed banks and fertilizers. The D-8 Ministers agreed that it is important to address the issues of standards and trade issues separately as it encompass all the three subject matters. Within this line, the meeting agreed to appoint prime movers to implement the initiatives as follows: 

1.Seed bank : Turkey & Iran
2.Animal Feed : Malaysia & Indonesia
3.Fertilizers : Egypt
4.Standards & Trade Issues : Iran & Turkey
5.Marine and Fisheries : Indonesia

This meeting was followed up by the 2nd D-8 Agricultural Ministerial Meeting on Food Security, which was held on 18th May 2011 in Tehran, Iran, during which the Ministers reiterated commitments made and goals set in the framework of the 6th D-8 Summit Meetings in Kuala Lumpur, 2008, the D-8 Roadmap for Economic Cooperation in the “Second Decade of Cooperation”, “Kuala Lumpur Initiatives to Ensure Food Security”, as well as the previous ministerial meetings, and emphasized that more focus needs to be given to formulation and implementation of concrete projects and activities to translate those goals into collective action by D-8 Group.

One of D-8 achievement in Food Security cooperation is the MoUs between OIC and D8, and D-8 and ECO, to Activate Joint Economic Cooperation. The MoU seeks to encourage the development of joint programs and projects in all sectors, especially in trade, agriculture and tourism, through utilization of the human and material resources of both organizations as well as poised to exchange experiences and expertise to ensure the speedy implementation of their various economic development programs.

Another progress that D-8 have been developing in the food security cooperation is the institutional development of these working groups, which a prime mover as a coordinator, with a permanent secretariat to follow-up, evaluate and implement the program and the activities. Also, in every meeting, these working groups will also inviting the participation of private sectors. Considering the interest of Member Countries to issues related to this area, agriculture is one the most promising areas of cooperation in D-8.  

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Subsequent to the KL Initiative, in the Marine Affairs & Fisheries sub-sector, several meetings have been held by D-8 Organization as follows:

1)The D-8 Consultative Meeting Of Working Group On Marine Affairs And Fisheries (Manado, Indonesia, 13 May 2009).
Indonesia produced the draft of the Terms of Reference of the WGMAF to the D-8 countries and the D-8 Secretariat. Member countries will submit their comments to Indonesia after they have received the draft ToR.

2)1st Ministerial Meeting on Marine and Fisheries & Fertilizers and 1st Senior Officials Meeting of the D-8 Working Group on Marine and Fisheries & Fertilizers (6-8 April 2010, Cairo – Egypt) 
On D-8 Working Group on Marine & Fisheries, the following topics were adopted:

Technology Transfer
1.Marine and fresh water aquaculture 
2.Fish feed manufacturing
3.Coral conservation and management
4.Exchange of researchers, technical staff and cooperation among research institutes 

Training Programs
1.Joint training courses in the field of marine, fresh and brackish water farming, hatchery technology and integrated aquaculture
2.Marine fisheries and inland waters management
3.Fish and fisheries processing  quality control  
4.Effectively make use of the available training programs organized by the D-8 Member Countries, such as the program of Malaysia and Egypt. The meeting agreed to provide the D-8 secretariat a list of the regular training courses in Member Countries and collect the training courses needed in as well. A list of training programs will be developed through the D-8 secretariat.
Fish Trade 
1.Enhance private sector role for joint investment and increase trade flows
2.Development of quality standard specifications
3.Identify tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade in fisheries
4.Exchange investment rules and requirements in the field of fisheries, aquaculture and related activities
5.Develop a Mutual Recognition Arrangements on fish quality and safety assurance 

Database Establishment 
  • Establish database at the Food Security Information Center in Cairo, Egypt

D-8 International events Participation
Member Countries are encouraged to coordinate their views during international meetings and gatherings. Any collective view on behalf of the D-8 Organization has to be confirmed by D-8 Secretariat. The Chair of the working group requested Member Countries to convey their views to the D8 Secretariat prior to announcing them in International conferences.

3)2nd Working Group Meeting on Marine and Fisheries (16 May 2011, Tehran, Iran).
The meeting took a decision that with regard to the draft TOR prepared by Indonesia, member countries should send their timely comments to the Secretariat.  Thus far Bangladesh, Malaysia and Pakistan has submitted it.

4)5th Agriculture Ministerial Meeting on Food Security held on 01-03 December 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey.

5th Working Group Meeting on Marine and Fisheries: The followings are discussed:

-Turkey proposed to organize training program for trainers on Marine Aquaculture.

-Malaysia proposed “Technical Cooperation for the Development and Management of Genetically improved and diseased free Tilapia stock”.

-The meeting agreed upon creation of “Project Basket” with project proposals coming from the Member States. Member States or Financial Institutions might establish fund for the project.

-To improve the efficiency of working group on Marine and Fishers three proposals have been suggested by the group.

a)Private sector participation  need to be increased 
b)Common cooperation need to be improved
c)Enhancing D-8 Secretariat activity


Md. Anisur Rahman
Joint Secretary (Fish)

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Fax:      + 88 029 512 220


Dr. Mohammed El Gazar
Head of General Authority for Fish Resources Development
Tel: +202 22620118
Fax: +202 22620117

Mr. Anang Noegroho 
Director of Center for International Marine and Fisheries Cooperation (PUSKITA)
Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries  
Phone: +62 21 351 9070 # 7126
Fax: + 62 21 386 4293

Dr. Ir. Syafril Fauzi, M.Sc (Mr)
Secretary for Directorate-General of Fisheries Product Processing and Marketing
Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries
Phone: +62 21 351 9070 # 6143
Fax: +62 21 351 3304

Mr. Mehdi Shakouri
Deputy Head of Aquaculture of Iran Fisheries Organization
Ministry of Jihad – Agriculture
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Mr. Ali Asghar Mojahedi
Director General for Fisheries Management of Iran Fisheries Organization
Ministry of Jihad – Agriculture
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Mr. Shahram Safi Yari
Seafood Quality and Processing Officer
Quality Improvement in Fisheries Industries and Market Promotion
Tel. +9821-66942583, 66943954
Fax. +9821-66941372

Dr. Hossein Ali Abdolhay (PhD)
Director of Aquaculture Development Department 
Iran Fisheries Organization
Ministry of Agriculture
Phone: + 98 21 6694 3860
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Fax:   + 98 21 6694 3870

Mr. Ahmad Hazizi Bin Azis
Director International, 
Trade and Investment Division, 
Department of Fisheries Malaysia
Telp: +603-88704212 (ext:4213)
Fax: +603-88891195

Mr.Abdul Rahman Bin Abdul Wahab
Head, International Section International, 
Trade and Investment Division, 
Department of Fisheries Malaysia
Phone: +603-88704210
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Foluke Omotayo Areola
Head of Departement, Federal Departement of Fisheries, 
Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development 
Phone: +234 8033205882
+ 234 705 989 7445

Mr. Ramazan Celebi
Head of Department 
General Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture
Phone:  +90 312 286 8701 Ext.: 3033

-2nd Working Group Meeting on Marine Affairs and Fisheries (16 May 2011 Tehran-Iran)-Held
-3rd Working Group Meeting on Marine Affairs and Fisheries (3 October 2012, Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara-Indonesia) -Held

-5th Working Group Meeting on Marine and Fisheries (01-03 December 2014, Istanbul-Turkey)-Held