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D-8 enhanced its cooperation in the agricultural sector  02 December 2014, Istanbul-Turkey    
5th D-8 SMEs Governmental Meeting Takes Off In Abuja  19 November 2014 , Abuja-Nigeria    
The 5th SMEs Governmental Bodies Meeting on 18-19 November 2014 in Abuja, Nigeria  18-19 November 2014 , Abuja-Nigeria    
First D-8 meeting on rural women empowerment began today  17 November 2014,Tehran-Iran    
D-8 Newborn Resuscitation Programme inaugurated today  10-14 November 2014, Ankara-Turkey    
D-8 Secretary-General met with Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul  10 November 2014, Istanbul-Turkey    
D-8 Secretary-General calls on Science, Industry and Technology Minister of Turkey  31 October 2014, Ankara-Turkey    
D-8 Secretary-General attended Turkey's Republic Day ceremony  30 October 2014, Istanbul-Turkey    
UNGA adopted resolution on D-8 observer status  24 October 2014, Istanbul-Turkey    
Iranian Envoy Seeks Greater Cooperation Among D8 News Agencies  24 October 2014, Istanbul-Turkey    
D-8 enhanced its fertilizer cooperation through private sector collaboration  09-10 October 2014, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia    
Secretary-General meets the new D-8 Commissioner of Turkey  10 October 2014, Ankara-Turkey    
D-8 Council of Foreign Ministers meeting held on 25 September 2014  25 September 2014, New York    
D-8 and ECO Secretaries-General met in New York  24 September 2014, New York    
President Erdoğan: D-8 to be reinvigorated  14 September 2014, Istanbul-Turkey    
Indonesian Ambassador to Turkey Visited D-8 Secretariat  12 September 2014, Istanbul-Turkey    
Luncheon hosted by Agriculture Minister of Turkey for D-8 Ambassadors  11 September 204, Ankara-Turkey    
D-8 Eminent Persons Group (EPG) meets for the second round of discussion  8 September 2014, Istanbul-Turkey    
Secretary-General calls on the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia  3 September 2014, Putrajaya-Malaysia    
Secretary-General Mousavi attended Turkey's presidential handover ceremony  28 August 2014, Ankara-Turkey