Calender of Events 2014 & 2015
Meeting Tentative Date/Vanue Status
Meeting of Consular Authorities of D-8 Member States Ministries of Foreign Affairs on VISA Procedure 17-18 February 2014, Tehran-Iran Successfully Held
3rd D-8 Expert Working Group Meeting on Shipping 11-12 March 2014, Abuja-Nigeria Successfully Held
3rd Supervisory Committee Meeting on PTA 9-10 April 2014, Ankara-Turkey Successfully Held
D-8 Workshop on Information Technologies 16-17 April 2014, Ankara-Turkey Successfully Held
1st Ministerial Meeting on Energy 26-28 May 2014, Kayseri-Turkey Postponed
D-8 Working Group on Civil Aviation on Capacity Building 3-4 June 2014, Istanbul-Turkey Successfully Held
Workshop on ISTA Rules and Breeding 3-5 June 2014, Diyarbakir-Turkey Postponed
D-8 Working Group on Marine Affairs and Fisheries 6 June 2014, Izmir-Turkey Successfully Held
35th Session of the D-8 Commission 10-11 June 2014, Islamabad-Pakistan Successfully Held
D-8 Mega Cities Mayors Meeting 11-12 August 2014, Tehran-Iran Postponed
Expert Group Meeting on Halal Sector Development August 2014, Islamabad-Pakistan TBA
Meeting on Cooperation on Engineering Sector August 2014, Pakistan TBA
8th D-8 WGCA and Director Generals Meeting 24-25 August 2014, Dhaka-Bangladesh Successfully Held
1st D-8 Seafood Business Forum and Expo 2014 27-29 August 2014, Jakarta-Indonesia Successfully Held
D-8 Workshop on Investment in Animal Feeds and Livestock Production 22-23 September 2014, Abuja-Nigeria Confirmed
3rd Ad Hoc Meeting to Consider the Formation of D-8 Fertilizer Association (D-8 FA) 09-10 October 2014, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia Successfully Held
First Meeting of D-8 Free Trade Zones Authorities 22-23 October 2014, Qeshm-Iran Postponed
2nd Trade Ministers Council 20-21 October 2014, Istanbul-Turkey Postponed
Special Session of the D-8 Commission 6-7 November 2014, Istanbul-Turkey Postponed
Evaluation Meeting for D-8 Countries on Newborn Resuscitation Programme, Breast Milk Trainings and Maternal-Child Health 10-14 November 2014, Ankara-Turkey Successfully Held
D-8 Meeting on Rural Women Empowerment 17-18 November 2014,Tehran-Iran Successfully Held
D-8 Governmental Bodies Meeting on SMEs Development Bodies 18-19 November 2014, Abuja-Nigeria Successfully Held
5th Agricultural Ministerial Meeting on Food Security 01-03 December 2014, Istanbul-Turkey Successfully Held
2nd High Council Meeting of D-8 Technology Transfer and Exchange Network (TTEN) 09-10 December 2014, Abuja-Nigeria Successfully Held
4th Ministerial Meeting on Industry 26-28 January 2015, Tehran-Iran Confirmed
D-8 Flight Procedure Design (PANS-OPS) Familiarization Workshop (DGCA) 21-26 February 2015, Tehran-Iran Confirmed
Training of Trainers for Aquaculture Extension and Technique for D-8 Member Countries 09-14 March 2015, Turkey Confirmed
4th D-8 Fertilizer Association (D8FA) Meeting 03-04 April 2015, Dhaka-Bangladesh Confirmed
Note: TBA (To Be Advised),TBC(To be confirmed)