Calender of Events 2014
Meeting Tentative Date/Vanue Status
Meeting of Consular Authorities of D-8 Member States Ministries of Foreign Affairs on VISA Procedure 17-18 February 2014, Tehran-Iran Successfully Held
3rd D-8 Expert Working Group Meeting on Shipping 11-12 March 2014, Abuja-Nigeria Successfully Held
3rd Supervisory Committee Meeting on PTA 9-10 April 2014, Ankara-Turkey Successfully Held
D-8 Workshop on Information Technologies 16-17 April 2014, Ankara-Turkey Successfully Held
1st Ministerial Meeting on Energy 26-28 May 2014, Kayseri-Turkey Postponed
D-8 Working Group on Civil Aviation on Capacity Building 3-4 June 2014, Istanbul-Turkey Successfully Held
Workshop on ISTA Rules and Breeding 3-5 June 2014, Diyarbakir-Turkey Postponed
D-8 Working Group on Marine Affairs and Fisheries 6 June 2014, Izmir-Turkey Successfully Held
35th Session of the D-8 Commission 10-11 June 2014, Islamabad-Pakistan Successfully Held
D-8 Mega Cities Mayors Meeting 11-12 August 2014, Tehran-Iran Postponed
Expert Group Meeting on Halal Sector Development August 2014, Islamabad-Pakistan TBA
Meeting on Cooperation on Engineering Sector August 2014, Pakistan TBA
8th D-8 WGCA and Director Generals Meeting 24-25 August 2014, Dhaka-Bangladesh Successfully Held
1st D-8 Seafood Business Forum and Expo 2014 27-29 August 2014, Jakarta-Indonesia Successfully Held
D-8 Workshop on Investment in Animal Feeds and Livestock Production 22-23 September 2014, Abuja-Nigeria Confirmed
3rd Ad Hoc Meeting to Consider the Formation of D-8 Fertilizer Association (D-8 FA) 09-10 October 2014, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia Successfully Held
First Meeting of D-8 Free Trade Zones Authorities 22-23 October 2014, Qeshm-Iran Postponed
2nd Trade Ministers Council 20-21 October 2014, Istanbul-Turkey Postponed
Evaluation Meeting for D-8 Countries on Newborn Resuscitation Programme, Breast Milk Trainings and Maternal-Child Health 10-14 November 2014, Ankara-Turkey Confirmed
D-8 Meeting on Rural Women Empowerment 17-18 November 2014,Tehran-Iran Confirmed
D-8 Governmental Bodies Meeting on SMEs Development Bodies 18-19 November 2014, Abuja-Nigeria Confirmed
4th D-8 Petrochemical Task Force Meeting 24-25 November 2014, Tehran-Iran Confirmed
4th Ministerial Meeting on Industry 24-26 November 2014, Tehran-Iran Confirmed
5th Agricultural Ministerial Meeting on Food Security 01-03 December 2014, Istanbul-Turkey Confirmed
2nd High Council Meeting of D-8 Technology Transfer and Exchange Network (TTEN) 09-10 December 2014, Abuja-Nigeria Confirmed
Special Session of the D-8 Commission 6-7 November 2014, Istanbul-Turkey Postponed
1st D-8 University Chancellors Meeting on Science, Technology and Innovation Iran Confirmed
D-8 Workshop on Cooperation Among D-8 Countries in Forestry and Environment Issues 3rd Quarter 2014, Nigeria Confirmed
1st Ministerial Meeting on Transportation Turkey Confirmed
36th Session of Commission and 17th Session of Council of Ministers and 9th D-8 Summit Turkey TBA
3rd Meeting of D-8 Working Committee on Renewable Energy (WCRE) Malaysia Confirmed
D-8 Senior Officials Meeting on Tourism 2nd Half of 2015, Malaysia TBA
2nd Ministerial Meeting on Tourism Second Half of 2015, Istanbul-Turkey Confirmed