Calender of Events 2016
Meeting Tentative Date/Vanue Status
4th Supervisory Committee Meeting 16 February 2016, Islamabad-Pakistan Held
2nd Trade Ministers Council 17 February 2016, Islamabad-Pakistan Held
Workshop on Exchange of Information on Rural Tourism Policies between D-8 and ARDSI 13-14 April 2016, Trabzon-Turkey Held
37th Session of the D-8 Commission 16-17 April 2016, Istanbul-Turkey Held
Technology Transfer Workshop for D-8 Member States 24-27 April 2016, Tehran-Iran Held
5th Ministerial Meeting on Industry and 7th SMEs Governmental Bodies Meeting 09-11 May 2016, Cairo-Egypt Held
10th D-8 Meeting of Directors-General and Expert Working Group on Civil Aviation 23-24 May 2016, Cappadocia-Turkey Held
Special Session of the Supervisory Committee 30-31 May 2016, Istanbul-Turkey Held
Special Session of the D-8 Commission 19-20 July 2016, Istanbul-Turkey Confirmed
Task Force Meeting on Technology Cooperation 01-02 September 2016, Ankara- Turkey Confirmed
2nd WG Meeting of Consular Authorities of D-8 Member States on simplification of Visa Procedures 2016, Indonesia Confirmed
D-8 Mayors’ Meeting of Capitals and Metropolitan Cities 2016, Tehran-Iran Confirmed
Workshop on SME Financing Model 2016,Turkey TBC
4th High Council Meeting of D-8 Technology Transfer and Exchange Network (TTEN) 2016, Bangladesh TBA
Workshop on SME Market Development Models 2016, Iran TBC
Customs Working Group Meeting (Implementation of Rules of Origin) 2016, Islamabad-Pakistan Confirmed
2nd Council of Ministers in the sideline of UNGA September 2016, New York-USA TBC
D-8 FCCI Meeting by TOBB 2016, Istanbul-Turkey Confirmed
Ministerial/Working Group Meeting on Transportation TBC TBC
2nd D-8 Ministerial / Senior Officials Meeting on Tourism October 2016, Turkey Confirmed
Task Force Meeting on Electronics and ICT TBC,Tehran-Iran TBC
Technical Working Group on Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) 2016, Malaysia TBC
4th D-8 Expert Working Group Meeting on Shipping 2016, Turkey Confirmed
6th Agriculture Ministerial Meeting TBC, Pakistan TBC
1st D-8 Ministerial Meeting on Energy 2016,Turkey Confirmed
38th Session of the Commission TBA TBA
17th Council of Ministers TBA TBA
9th D-8 Summit TBA TBA
Note: TBA (To Be Advised),TBC(To be confirmed) 2015-2012 Events